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Amelanchier tree , 200 cm - RB/Potgrown

Service berry.
Amelanchier small treeAmelanchier small tree
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Service berry, Shadblow, Shadbush, Snowy mespilus.
This is a large deciduous shrub which can be trained to grow as a small tree. This species will provide colour and interest for your garden throughout most of the year. The young foliage is a coppery-bronze and changes to dark green by summer and then to a golden yellow in autumn. The flowers are white with red eyes; they will appear in the spring and are followed by edible fruits. Grow in bog conditions or soil that is constantly moist and organically rich.Snowy Mespilus may be grown in full sun or partial shade. Height 2 to 6,5m, spread 2,5 to 3,5m.