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Great selection of fruit tree rootstocks for grafting available.

Please  find all the varieties in packs of 25 and single plants in our list of rootstocks below . Fruittree rootstocks are available for supply from November onwards till in April and ordering from May any year onwards for season to come .

Winter hand grafting is a very good method and we have the proper selection of rootstocks  for it.

Popular rootstocks for apple are Malus type M 25,  MM106, M26 ,M9 ,M27 .

Good rootstocks for pear are : Pyrus communes , Quince A , Quince C

Popular cherry rootstocks are :  Prunus Colt, Prunus Gisela 5 , Prunus avium

Excellent plum rootstocks : Prunus st Julien A , Prunus Pixy , Prunus Brompton , Prunus Myrobolan.




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Fruit rootstocks

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Fruit tree Rootstocks

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