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Greenhills nursery limited  budding and grafting fruit tree rootstocks  .

Sizes are  0/1, 1/1, 1/0 , 3/5/8/10/12/14 mm collar or 4/6/9/12/14 mm collar. Small orders are welcome. (minimum 25 per variety available in the web shop section fruit edible) We supply professionals and hobby customers with our rootstocks. Minimum bulk order 1500 rootstocks . Tel. 02081449907 .

Also Fruit trees and small fruit are available wholesale (very wide range of varieties)

Virus free rootstocks and seedlings are available for budding or grafting purposes. Rootstocks from cuttings ,seeds, stoolbeds are available from our production.

Malus 'Antonovka'                                        Prunus Gisela 5 (VF)
Malus 'Bittenfelder'                                       Prunus mahaleb (VF)
Malus pumila                                               Prunus 'Mazzard' F12/1 (VF)
Malus Grahams Jubil                                    Prunus 'Mazzard' F12/1 (VF)
Pyrus communis                                          Prunus 'Pixy'* (VF)
Pyrus communis 'Bartlett'                             Prunus 'St. Julien' GF 655/2 (VF)
Pyrus 'Kirchensaller'                                     Prunus 'St. Julien A' (VF)
Prunus avium                                              Cydonia obl. 'Quince Adams' (VF)
Prunus mahaleb                                          Cydonia obl. 'Quince BA 29' (VF)
Prunus 'Myrobalan'                                      Cydonia obl. 'Quince MA' (VF)
Prunus persica                                            Cydonia obl. 'Quince MC' (VF)
Prunus 'St. Julien'
Juglans nigra         
Juglans regia
Prunus avium (VF)
Prunus 'Brompton' (VF)                                                                
Malus 'A2' (VF)
Malus 'B.9' (VF)
Malus 'Jork' (VF)
Malus 'Mark' (VF)

Malus 'M.4' (VF)                                              Malus 'M.25' (VF)
Malus 'M.7' (VF)                                              Malus 'M.26' (VF)
Malus 'M.9' (VF)                                              Malus 'M.27'* (VF)
Malus 'M.9' T337 (VF)                                      Malus 'M.M.106' (VF)
Malus 'M.9'FL.56 (VF)                                      Malus 'M.M. 111' (VF)
Malus 'M.11' (VF)                                            Malus 'Lizzy'*(P16)
Malus 'M.16' (VF)                                            Malus 'Last Minute'* (P22)

Please feel free to contact us for a quote on 02081449907 or send an email with your wholesale enquiry.

Ornamental rootstocks can be found in section bare root hedging and whips.