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Greenhills Nursery Ltd Trees.

Trees for Private customers, Landscape Architects, Garden Designers or Developers.  We have the right size trees  for your needs.  Please find out what we have available. We can provide you with almost all sizes/sorts  trees.

Greenhills Nursery Ltd trees are listed with there Latin names starting in this section with A. You will find a wide beautiful selection of maple trees such as field maple, snake bark maple, paper bark maple. flamingo maple and lots of other very nice trees. Garden trees, containerised trees, large trees.bare root trees , multi stems and many others. Cannot find your requirement listed, please ask us on 02081449907 . We will be please to help.

Pleached Hornbeam and Pleached lime are only a few of the Pleached trees we have available. Pleached evergreen trees like Magnolia grandiflora and beautiful Quercus Ilex , Holly oak are available as well.  Pleached laurel is another perfect example. You can find all of the mentioned trees in the section trees pleached and espalier.