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Hedging plants from Greenhills Nursery Ltd  .

Bare root hedging, root-balled and potted hedging are our speciality. Yew, Laurel, Thuja, Beech, Purple beech, Taxus,  mix hedging in nearly all sizes available from very small to instant hedges.

For countryside or farm hedges there are usually grand schemes available for native hedges.

Great prices available on all wholesale bare root hedging. Minimum for wholesale is 1500 plants. Tel. 02081449907 .

For example:

Acer campestre (field maple)                             Ligustrums (many varieties)
Cornus sanguinea  ( Dogwood)                          Prunus laurocerasus (Laurels)
Amelanchier canadensis                                    Prunus spinosa   (Blackthorn)
Crataegus monogyna                                        Taxus baccata  (Yew)
Laurus nobilis ( Bay)                                         Carpinus betulus  (Hornbeam)
Fagus sylvatica  (Beech)                                    Ilex aquifolium  (Holly)
Thuja conifers
Fagus atropurpurea(Copper beech)

Beech geen

All hedging conifers available.  Please ring 02081449907 or email through contact page.