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Hedge plants available  bare root/root balled  in winter and spring and pot grown in summer time.

Greenhills Nursery limited has a lot of knowlage about hedging plants . We supply hedging straight from our beginning of trade  in 1947.  Excellent quality and low failure rates are a must for us. We put a lot of effort into fresh and fast supply after lifting to minimise failure. Quality Beech,Fagus, Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Crataegus, Field maple, Blackthorn and many other hedge plants available.

Some of the bare root seedlings are also available in a Pot.   Example's of bare root trees and whips are : Green Beech Fagus, Crataegus hawthorn and hornbeam Carpinus.  Bare root Yew plants and bare root Thuja plants also available . Please plant the bare root trees approximately thirty to  thirtyfive cm deep into the ground with five to ten cm of soil above the highest side root. The colar of a bare root tree should be approximately two to three cm below soil level.


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Hedging & Whips

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