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Greenhills Nursery  offers a wide range of modern and old fashioned fruit trees for wholesale and retail usage.

We supply orchards , gardens, smallholdings and farms.

Quality fruit trees like two year old ,maidens , standards are available.

We supplly:

Apples, Pears, Plums , Cherry, Figs, Damsons, Gages, Peaches .

Raspberries , Blackcurrants, Redcurrants, Whitecurrants, Jostaberries Gooseberries,Blueberries.Cranberries.

Apple trees

We have a wide range of espalier/pleached fruit trees available in our web shop section : Fruit edible

The low pleached trees are ususaly used on a wall and the taller trees above a fence or wall.

Please ring or send an email for a quotation. 02081449907 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our range of fruit plants :


Alkmen,   Arlet , Beauty of Bath ,Braeburn ,Bramley's Seedling ,Cox's Orange Pippin

Discovery, Ellison's Orange , Elstar,  Gala,  Glorie van Holland,  Gloster,  Golden Delicious ,Golden Permain

Granny Smith , Idared,  James Grieve, Jonabel , Jonagold, Jonagored, King Jonagold , Laxton's Superb

Lombarts Calville , Melrose, Present of England , Princesse Noble, Queen Cox , Red Elstar, Scarlet Pimpernel, Summerred,  Sweet Caroline, Tydeman's Early , Winston , Yellow Transparent .


Beurre Alexandre Lucas, Beurre Clairgeau , Beurre de Merode , Beurre Hardy

Bonne Louise d'Avranches , Clapp's Favourite ,  Concorde , Conference , Doyenne du Comice

Gieser Wildeman , Saint Remy, Wiliams


Anna Spath ,Avalon, Czar , Early Laxton,  Early Prolific, Excalibur, Mirabelle de Nancy

Ontario , Opal, Reine Claude d'Althan , Reine Claude d'Oullins , Reine Claude Verte ,Victoria


Annabella, Bigarreau Burlat ,Bigarreau Napoleon

Castor , Early Rivers , Kordia , Merton Premier

Morel  , Regina,  Stella, Summit , Sunburst , Sweet heart, Venus

Softfruit various

Apricot :    bush    Bredase,  Hungarian, Moorpark, Tros Oranje

Almond :    Bush   Robijn

Ballerina apples :  Bolero, Charlotte, Flamengo, Polka, Maypole, Waltz (all single stem varieties for small gardens)

Grapes :

Black Alicante, Frankenthaler, Boskoop Glory

Muscaat van Alexandrie, Vroege van der Laan, Witte van Tol

Raspberries :    Summer

Glen Clova, Jochems Roem, Malling Delight, Glen Moy

Malling Promise, Tulameen, Schonemann,Marwe.


Fallgold, Heritage, Zefa Herbsternte, Autumn Bliss,

Hazelnut:  Cosford, Garibaldi, Hall'sche Riesen, Geant de Halle, Gunslebert

Gustav's Zellernuss, Lange Spaanse, Roodpit , Lambertsnoot

Rode Zellernoot, Webb's Prize Cob,  Witpit ,  Lambertsnoot

Kiwi:  Atlas, Bruno, Hayward, Monty, Yenny

QuinceBush    Champion, Leskovacz, Rea's Mammoth, Vranja,  Ludovic, Poortugaal

Medlar :       Bush     Bredase Reus,  Westerveld

Mulberry :      Bush :  Nigra, Alba, Alba Pendula   

                         Half Standard   : Nigra,  Alba,  Alba Pendula   

                         Full standard :  Nigra, Alba, Alba Pendula   

Wallnut:          Broadview,  Buccaneer,  Coenen, Rita, Plovdivski,  Proslavski

Nectarine:  Bush   Madame Blanchet, Ruby Gold

Peach :      Bush     Amsden,  Champion,  Charles Ingouf,  Peregrine,  Wassenberger

Figs :       Half standard  Brown Turkey

Half standard   Aprocot ,Almond,  Quince  , Medlar , Nectarine, Peach .

Full Standard   Almond,  Quince , Medlar.