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Greenhills Nursery Ltd for trees, plants, hedging and shrubs .

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Top quality at amazing rates .

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We supply plants for : Garden projects, Amenity projects, Wholesale Hedging , Bare root, Transplants, Roses , Seedlings, Root balled and Container plants/shrubs, Aquatic plants/Marginal aquatic plants for ponds, Whips, Maidens, Standard trees,  Semi-mature trees, Pleached and espalier trees , Fruit trees .

Bedding plants wholesale available in season.

Buxus hedging

Buxus sempervirens Root balled , Pot grown

Fruit-trees and rootstocks for fruit-trees.

Roses and rootstocks/stems for roses.  (rose rootstocks available in section bare root hedging)

Please contact us for a quotation. We will be pleased to help with your enquiry and
export enquiries are welcome . If you want us to search or buy trees and plants for you please contact us . Discounted prices for some UK Wholesale Plants  (above 3000 Pounds orders)  available.  Plants  wholesale is possible worldwide. Please ask us for a quotation. We are specialised in shipping plants to the continent as well and have served many customers in France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia , Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Czech rep, Slovakia, Greece and most other EU countries.  Please find the international EU transportation charges on the home page.  Export enquiries for shipping outside EEC are welcome !

Wholesale payments by credit cards are possible .

Yew hedhing

Taxus Baccata Yew Hedging Root balled.

Telephone :  020 8144 9907

Wholesale terms and conditions of sale and delivery.

Pricing and Vat
All prices are ex- nursery and are exclusive of VAT wich will be charged at the prevailling rate . We reserve the right to make adjustments to prices during the season without prior notification.

Price quotations are valid for 14 days from date offered but subject to availability..

Orders  and Quotes
When placing orders customers are asked to give their full name and address. All Items are offered subject to crop and to being unsold on receipt of order. Orders can only be processed once payment has been made . In general quotations are valid for 14 days.

Unless otherwise agreed carriage will be charged at offered rates to confirmed address . We deliver.!

Should any unfulfilled order be cancelled by the purchaser we reserve the right to charge the full value of the order as liquidated damages without having to prove our action.

Payment of accounts
When credit facilities have been agreed, payment  is due within 14 days of date of invoice unless agreed otherwise in writing. Where credit has not been agreed payment in full is due prior to delivery. Interest shall be payable on all overdue accounts at 2,5% per month or part month from the due date until payment is received in full whether before or after judgement.

Reservation of Title
The risk of the goods passes to the buyer upon delivery but equitable and benificial ownership shall remain with us until full payment has been received. We reserve the right to repossess any goods in respect of which payment is overdue and the purchaser herebuy permits us access to the premises at wich the goods are located for this purpose.

Every efford is made to supply good quality stock, true to name, and to ensure that it reaches the customer in a fresh and healthy condition. However, no warranty, expressed or implied, is given as to description, quality, growth or productiveness. We guarantee regrowth in case an operational watering system is in place. (not somebody walking around with a hose)

While every effort is made to execute orders to our customers satisfaction, no guarantee of completion by a fixed date can be given and no claim for any consequential losses will be accepted. In all cases our liability is limited to replacing the items at fault, or making an allowence not to exeeding the amount charged for the goods in question.

Force majeure
We will not be liable for any claim relating to our failure to supply,where this failure has arisen due to climatic, natural, accidental or any other causes  beyond our control.

Consignments must be carefully examined on receipt and any complaint notified by telephone within two days and confirmed in writing within seven days. Notwithstanding anything else in these conditions, we shallbe under no liability to the customer if the notifications are not made within the time specified.

Acceptance of Terms
The placing of an order implies the acceptance of these terms which shall be governed by English law.


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