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Prunus laurocerasus (bare root)

Cherry laurel, Laurel cherry, Cherry. (bare root)
Prunus laurocerasus bare rootPrunus laurocerasus bare root
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Cherry laurel, Laurel cherry, Cherry. (bare root)
This is an evergreen shrub with wide-spreading branches and profuse flowers. The bloom are white spikes which are held in clusters in the summer, they are followed by ornamental fruits which first appear red and darken to black as they age. Grow in full sun or partial shade.You should plant in moist, well-drained soil in full sun, remember to protection from strong winds.

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Prunus laurocerasus (bare root)
Prunus laurocerasus (bare root) 40-60 cm
Prunus laurocerasus (bare root) 60-90 cm
Prunus laurocerasus cell grown